Doctoral Scholarship in Ecology and Natural Resources Management at University of Bonn in Germany, 2013


A challenge in simulating land use changes (LUC) is the question of their drivers. Often, time series of aerial photos, land cover changes (CLC) or other remote sensing based information are used to predict transition and succession processes at landscape scale. This however ignores the need to differentiate between three different types of potential LUC drivers, (i) regionally typical natural succession processes, (ii) succession and transition as a result of large scale and in future variable driving forces (e.g. Climate Change, air pollution) and (iii) active planning decisions of the land owners as a result of e.g. changing market prices for products, altered resource demands from society or altered public funding.

-very good degree (Diploma, Master) in environmental sciences (preferably agricultural sciences, forestry, landscape architecture or geography) – very good writing skills in English are required for the dissertation -very good knowledge of French is required for research in a francophone country – very good knowledge of environmental modeling approaches and good skilss in biometry are of advantage – knowledge in programming (C, C++, php, java) is of advantage – experience in research is of advantage -work experience in development countries, esp. West Africa is of advantage

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